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hammer and gavel

Sometimes when a person is injured due to someone else’s negligence, the at-fault party that caused the injury turns out to be a local government. For example, a local municipality program, policy, or employee may have created the conditions for … Continue reading

Are motorcycles more dangerous than cars

Texas has not had a single day without a fatal traffic accident since November 7, 2000. Texas often leads the nation in traffic deaths. These alarming statistics illustrate just how dangerous it can be to drive in the Lone Star … Continue reading

Lowering Your Auto Insurance Costs

Automobile insurance rates vary widely depending on the insurance company or agent you choose, the types and amounts of coverage you want, and the kind of car you drive. These are some things you can do to lower your insurance … Continue reading

yield sign

Tens of thousands of car accidents in Texas every year are caused by drivers who fail to yield right of way. State statistics show that drivers’ failure to yield the right of way while turning left caused more than 26,000 car … Continue reading

junior players

For over 66 years, Junior Players has been empowering young voices by providing free, high quality arts programming to North Texas children and youth. And we’ve only just begun. Through innovative programs and outreach opportunities, we’re increasing our impact, equipping more … Continue reading

person texting while driving in Texas

Whether it’s legal to use a phone while driving in Texas depends on the type of driver’s license you have and how the phone will be used. Texas allows most drivers to talk on a cell phone while operating a … Continue reading

Traffic accident on icy road

Winter weather increases the risk that a car accident could turn into a multi-car pileup like the deadly 130 vehicle crash on Interstate 35 W in Fort Worth that killed six people and sent dozens to area hospitals. The crash … Continue reading

What to do after an accident in Dallas

Automakers have introduced a wide variety of safety features in newer vehicles to provide a more enjoyable driving experience and protect drivers and passengers and others sharing the road. However, a recent study by the automotive group AAA says that some of … Continue reading

What to do after an accident in Dallas

A recently published study of drinking and driving in the U.S. found that 15% of drivers involved in fatal crashes had blood alcohol levels below the legal limit and that 55% of the people killed were not the drinking driver. The … Continue reading

broken car after an accident

Texans are driving less during the COVID-19 shutdown, but this is no time to ignore car maintenance. There are issues that can arise if a car sits too long without being driven, problems that could lead to car accidents. You … Continue reading