Ashley Magallan


I was born in McAllen Texas, but I have lived my entire life in Dallas. I began my high school education in Grand Prairie and completed it in Irving Texas. I studied medical assisting and worked in the medical field for almost 7 years until I gave it up to pursue other opportunities which led me to the chance to work with this amazing legal team.

I have worked for Kraft and Associates since 2018, I was hired on as a legal assistant in our Social Security and Disability department and also assist in translating when needed for the other cases handled within our firm. It is my job to gather information for the attorney and obtain the necessary medical support needed to prove our clients are disabled and qualify for the benefits they are seeking.

When I am not working I spend my time with my family, I am the youngest of 3 and the only girl. I am the mother to two beautiful children, I was blessed with a daughter in 2015 and again with my son in 2018 and life has been nonstop and at times challenging but great. Kraft & Associates is dedicated to making sure our clients get everything they both need and deserve and also do our best to make sure they understand the process every step of the way.

Both my parents, unfortunately, have had to deal with the disability process, and I believe having to witness the struggles and the suffering they both have had to and continue to endure, has helped me to understand and be compassionate towards our clients and make me strive to do my very best.